Pravaig Defy EV SUV, Range, Features & Specifications

In this era, Indian automobile is growing daily; companies are launching their electric car with new models and features. Moreover, Praviag is an Indian electric vehicle manufacturer. Therefore this Company has reviled its electric cars in the last years, like Pravaig MK1, and in November 2022, this Company officially announced a new electric vehicle named Pravaig DEFY.

Pravaig DEFY SUV EV Car is the latest model of this Company. Furthermore, Defy is Flagship electric car with new latest features, like a 500+ km range and 0-100 kph in 4.9 seconds.

Pravaig Defy Suv EV

Pravaig DEFY is India’s best and safest electric car. This electric car comes with 5-star safety Ratings. Mainly safety ratings depend on the Build Quality of electric vehicles.

Lithium-ion batteries are used in defy, and the battery is protected with 9 Layers. The highest-performing batteries are used in this car.

Pravaig Defy Suv EV

Pravaig Defy SUV EV Price

Pravaig Defy is Launched in India at Rs 39.5 lakh Rupee Ex-Showroom Price. Defy is the First Electric car of Pravaig, an Indian Startup Company. The Company Announces the delivery of this car approx late 2023.

Pravaig Defy Suv EV

Pravaig Defy SUV EV Launch Date

Pravaig Defy EV Launch Date is 25 November 2022 in India.

Pravaig Defy Specifications

There are lots of Specifications for the Pravaig Defy Electric Car. The Fast Charging Time of this Electric Car is 30 Min. Moreover, the Battery Capacity of Defy is 90.9 kWh. The Company aims to make electric cars more accessible and affordable. This SUV Comes with AWD (All Wheel Drive), producing 402 bhp Power and 602 Nm of Torque, and the top speed of this car is 210kmph. This SUV Defy Comes with 4 Seater. The Body looks of this car are imposing. It’s not just for the wealthy but an affordable, reliable, and sustainable alternative for everyone.

Pravaig Defy Suv EV

Pravaig Defy Features

Pravaig Defy features are mentioned.

Power Steering Yes
Safety 5-STAR Safety
Leg Room 1215 mm
Head Room 1050mm
Captain Seats Cooled & Electric Adjust
Display 15.6″ Brilliant Display
Media Streaming Ultra Fast Media Streaming
No of Doors 5
Sun Roof Yes
LED Headlights Yes
Ground Clearance 234mm
Motors PMSM dual High Efficiency
Emission Norm Compliance ZEV
Acceleration 0-100kmph 4.9sec


Pravaig Defy Interior

The Pravaig Defy is a high-end electric car with an interior designed to be just as luxurious as a conventional car. It has a large touchscreen display in the middle of the center console.

There are two armrests on this car’s rear side or front side. This car has a Panoramic sun Roof. Pravaig has used premium materials inside the vehicle.

Pravaig Defy SUV EV Range

The Pravaig Defy is an SUV electric car with a range of 500 km and a top speed of 210 Kmph. It has a four-hour charge time and can reach speeds up to 75 mph.

The proving car is the most demanded electric car in India. Environment Pollution and Petrol or Diesel Prices are the leading causes.

Due to this reason, People in India are attracted to electric vehicles. EVs are very affordable than other Vehicles. An electric car has instant Pick Up and a Cheap Running rate. This is the main Reason People can buy EVs more than Petrol and diesel Vehicle.

What is the battery capacity of Pravaig DEFY?

The Battery capacity of Pravaig DEFY is 90.9kWh.

What is the range of Pravaig DEFY?

The Range of Pravaig DEFY is 500+ KM.

How do I charge the DEFY at home?

Pravaig Wall Standard home charger is available for charging.

What is the life of the DEFY battery?

The Company Provides a 250,000 km or eight years Warranty for This car battery.

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