First Electric Car in India

Reva is the First Electric car in India. This car’s Price starts from Rs.2.88 to 3.7 Lakh. Moreover, this is the first cheapest electric car in India nation. General Motors India announced an electric version of this car in 2010. After 26 May 2010, Mahindra bought the 55.2% stack in this company Reva. After this Deal, Mahindra changed the brand name to Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Limited.

Reva EV has most features like this electric car has only Two Door Seating Capacity. Moreover, the battery lifespan of the BatteryBattery in this car is approximately 40,0000 KM, and the BatteryBattery can last only 3 – 4 years because the BatteryBattery used in this car is old technology. In this Era, electric vehicles use the latest technologies. This car supports only a 220v 15 Amp Standard Charger. The Range of this electric car is 80 KM on Full Charge.

In my opThisbest electric car From 2000 to 2010. Because this time, no one electric vehicle manufacturer is available. Mahindra has been creating a hipe in electric cars since the beginning of 2011.

Who is the Founder of First Electric Cars in India?

In 1993 Chetan Maini, Co-Founder, Vice Chairman at SUN Mobility, came to India and started the electric vehicles business In 2001. Furthermore, he built REVA and is the Founder of Reva Electric Car Company Ltd and now Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited.

Electric Cars REVA Price

REVA Electric Car has 3 Varients. First is Standard. This is the base model of this car; Price Starts from

EXPIRED Rs.2.88 Lakh INR. This automatic electric car can run up to 80 KM Per Charge.

Moreover, the second variant of this car is this car. The Price starts from this car is Rs.3.50 Lakh INR. This car has more advanced features according to the I Standard variants.

Furthermore, Classe is the Top variant of this car. The Price of this car is Rs.3.76 Lakh INR. This is the Best variety for this car. This car has a High torque AC induction motor and many features. 

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