Kabira Mobility KM 3000 Electric Bike Review

Kabira Mobility is an Electric Mobility Startup based out at Verna, Goa. The Research & Development of Kabira Mobility commenced in 2017 by a team of Aspiring Engineers with a vision of redefining urban mobility. In February 2021, we launched KM3000 & KM4000, India’s Fastest and Longest Riding Electric Bikes. At Kabira Mobility, we aim to make Electric Mobility Smart, Accessible, and Affordable for everyone.

Today we are talking about an Indian electric vehicle startup based in Verna, Goa. This company was established in 2017.

The Research & Development of this company has been started this year. Moreover, this company has five electric vehicles known as. KM3000, KM4000, Hermes 75, Intercity 300 and Intercity 350. Furthermore, this company launched its own two electric bikes KM3000 & KM4000, In February 2021. This company has India’s Fastest and Longest Riding Electric Bikes.

List of Kabira Electric Bikes

  1. KM3000
  2. KM4000
  3. Hermes 75
  4. Intercity 300
  5. Intercity 350

This is the list of kabira mobility electric bikes; in this article, we will explain the two electric bikes in detail.

Kabira KM3000 Electric Scooter

Kabira Mobility has been launching a new electric bike named Kabira KM3000. This is the best electric bike, according to other bikes. This electric bike comes with a Top Speed of 100 km/h; This is an excellent speed according to an electric bike. Moreover, most electric bikes have very low ranges, but this bike has a 120km Range. The design of this scooter is very luxurious, and the bike’s exterior is unique.

Features of Kabira Km3000 Electric Bike

Features are the essential things before selecting an electric bike. Here is the list of features of the Kabira km3000 electric bike.

Top Speed 100km/h
Range 120km
Acceleration (0-40) 3.6s
Power 4000w
Warranty 03 years

What is the Body Structure of Kabira KM 3000?

Body Structure is the most important thing to consider before buying an electric bike in India. The majority of electric bikes are weak body structures. Moreover, Kabira Mobility has focused on this issue and making the best build quality structure for own electric bikes. It has a powerful motor and a robust frame that can handle any terrain. This company has made three such structure designs for its bikes.

  1. Diamond Frame Design
  2. Mono Coil Suspension
  3. Twin Front Suspensions

1. Diamond Frame Design

The bike’s chassis has been designed by the company keeping in mind the Indian roads. The company believes that the chassis of the Kabira Kam 3000 is of excellent quality and solid.

2. Mono Coil Suspension

The suspension is mounted at the bike’s rear to ensure a smooth ride. The company has not pitched only one break, which is of excellent quality.

3. Twin Front Suspensions

The Kabira KM3000 is an electric bike that features twin front suspensions. This makes it an excellent option for those looking for a bike that can provide a smooth ride. The front suspensions help to absorb shocks and reduce vibration, making for a more comfortable ride.

What is the Kabira KM 3000 Top Speed?

The Kabira KM3000 is an electric bike with a top speed of 100km/h. The answer to that question depends on a few factors, including the type of electric bike you have, the terrain you’re riding on, and your pedaling power. The top speed of an electric bike also depends on the bike’s wheel size. Smaller wheels will spin faster, resulting in a higher top speed.

What is the Kabira KM 3000 Price?

The Kabira KM 3000 is a top-of-the-line model in the Kabira line of motorcycles. It is a sport bike with a sleek design and a powerful motor. The KM 3000 is perfect for those who want a fast and reliable electric motorcycle that can take them anywhere they need to go. Kabira KM 3000 price is Rs ₹1,22,640 in India.

What is the Kabira KM 3000 Range?

The Kabira KM 3000 is an excellent choice for riders who want a versatile and powerful motorcycle that can handle both on and off-road riding. With various models to choose from, the KM 3000 range has a bike that is perfect for any rider. The Range of Kabira KM 3000 is 120km.

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