Kabira Mobility KM 4000 Price, Range, Specifications

Kabira Mobility KM4000 electric bike is one of India’s most excellent and practical electric bikes. It is perfect for commuting to work or riding around town. This is the most long-range bike of this company. This bike comes with a 120 km Top Speed. Moreover, according to the company, the range of this electric bike is 150km. This is the most powerful bike of this company.

This bike has more features than other models of the company. Most people in India like to buy cheap and high-end bikes, and this bike is perfect for Indians. We will explain more details related to this bike in the following paragraphs.

Kabira Mobility KM 4000 Features

The Kabira KM4000, electric bike motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged using a standard outlet. The bike also has a throttle so that you can move without any problem. The KM4000 ranges up to 150km on a single charge. The bike also comes with a few extras, including Acceleration (0-40) in a sec, front and rear lights, and a better Warranty.

Kabira Mobility KM 4000 Specifications

This is the best bike in the mid-range in India. The KM4000 also comes with front and rear suspension, making it a comfortable or Long Lasting Performance.

Here is the List of Features of Km4000

Top Speed 120 km/h
Range 150km
Acceleration (0-40 km/h) 3.6s
Power 4000w
Warranty 03 years
Battery LiFePO4

Kabira Mobility KM 4000 Specifications

The Kabira KM4000 electric bike is an excellent option for those looking for economical and environmentally friendly transportation. The KM4000 also comes equipped with a variety of Specifications that make it a safe and comfortable ride.

Kabira Mobility KM 4000

Motor Power (Rated) 4000 W
Motor Power (Peak) 8000 W
Battery (KWh) 4.60 KWh
Chemistry LiFePO4
Charging Time 05 Hours

What is the Price of Kabira KM 4000?

The Kabira KM4000 electric bike is an excellent option for affordable yet high-quality electric bikes. The price of kabira KM4000 is Starting From  ₹1,25,580 (Ex-Showroom Goa).

This is the Price List of This Bike in India

Ex-Showroom Price + ₹ 1,71,780
Fame – II Subsidy –  ₹ 42,000
State Government Subsidy +  At Actual

Kabira Mobility Km 4000 Launch Date?

Kabira Mobility, an electric two-wheeler startup based in Goa, is set to launch its first product, the KM 4000, on February 2021. The company first teased the KM 4000 back in Feb 2021.

What is Kabira Mobility Dealership Cost?

Are you planning to buy a Kabira Mobility dealership? Here’s a detailed article on Kabira Mobility dealership cost that will give you a better understanding. Kabira Mobility is a company that makes electric vehicles. The company offers a variety of electric vehicles, including bikes and motorcycles. The company has a network of dealerships across India. For the cost of the dealership Please Visit:- Kabira Mobility

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