Toyota Innova Hybrid Ethanol Based Unveiled by Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, unveiled on Tuesday 29 Aug 2023 the world’s first BS6 hybrid Toyota Innova that is powered by ethanol rather than petrol. The vehicle was unveiled at the Mint Sustainability Summit in New Delhi.

As a result of its spacious interior and extremely comfortable ride, the Innova is one of the most popular MPVs in India. An electric motor is used to power the Innova hybrid version, which is powered by both a petrol engine and a motor powered by electricity. The Innova is available with an ethanol-powered version that runs on 100% ethanol.

He said that the launch of the Innova is an important milestone in India’s efforts to promote the use of alternative fuels in the country. According to him, ethanol is a clean, sustainable fuel that can help reduce India’s dependence on imported oil since it is a clean and sustainable fuel.

Toyota Innova Hybrid Ethanol Based Unveiled by Nitin Gadkari

According to Gadkari, the launch of this vehicle will contribute to the country’s efforts to become one of the world’s leading hubs for the manufacture of green vehicles. This is a vehicle that I am confident will be a major success on the market when it is released.”

Innova is expected to be available for purchase in the market within the next few months. As of yet, there is no information regarding the price of the vehicle.

What are Flex Fuel Vehicles?

A flexible-fuel vehicle, or FFV, is an alternative fuel vehicle with internal combustion engines capable of running on multiple fuels, usually gasoline blended with ethanol or methanol, and both fuels are stored in one tank. A vehicle such as this can run on both fuels at the same time, with both fuels being stored together so that the engine can run on both fuels simultaneously. A modern engine is capable of burning a mixture of gasoline and biofuels in any proportion in its combustion chambers, which is achieved by adjusting fuel injection and spark timing automatically based on the actual fuel composition detected by a fuel composition sensor in the engine.

What is the Price of Toyota Innova Hybrid Ethanol Based 2023?

The price of the Toyota Innova Hybrid Ethanol Based 2023 has not yet been announced. The vehicle was unveiled on August 29, 2023, by Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari. He said that the Innova is the world’s first BS6 hybrid, ethanol-powered vehicle.

The price of the Innova Hybrid Ethanol Based 2023 is expected to be higher than the regular petrol-powered Innova Hycross. This is because the ethanol-powered version uses a more expensive fuel and requires additional engineering to make it compatible with ethanol.

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