Tunwal Electric Scooters: Price, Specs, Pros & Cons 2024

The Tunwal Electric Scooter brand is making waves in the electric vehicle market in India, offering a more sustainable and stylish alternative to traditional petrol scooters. Tunwal is emerging as a leader in the segment of electric two-wheelers with a broad range of models catering to a wide range of needs and budgets.

An Overview of the Tunwal Electric Scooters

Tunwal Electric Scooters are revving up the Indian electric vehicle (EV) market, offering a sustainable and stylish alternative to traditional petrol scooters. With a diverse range of 13 models catering to various needs and budgets, Tunwal is becoming a major player in the two-wheeler EV segment.

Tunwal Electric Scooters Price Range

Tunwal Electric Scooters offers a diverse range of models covering a wide price spectrum, catering to different budgets and needs. Here’s a breakdown of their current price range in India (as of January 3, 2024):

Budget-Friendly Options (Starting below Rs. 60,000):

  • Sport 63 Mini: Rs. 49,990 – The most affordable Tunwal scooter, perfect for short city commutes.
  • Mini Lithino: Rs. 54,990 – Another budget-friendly choice with a slightly higher range and comfort than the Sport 63 Mini.

Mid-Range Segment (Rs. 60,000 – Rs. 80,000):

  • Elektrika 60: Rs. 65,040 – A feature-packed scooter with good range and performance for everyday commutes.
  • Sports 63 Alpha 48V: Rs. 54,943 – Similar to the Sport 63 Mini but with a different battery configuration.
  • Lithino Li: Rs. 74,990 – A variant of the Lithino 2.0 with a slightly lower price tag.

Premium Options (Above Rs. 80,000):

  • Sport 63 Mid: Rs. 71,990 – This upgraded version of the Sport 63 Mini with better range and features.
  • Lithino 2.0: Rs. 71,990 – Offers a good balance of performance and range, suitable for city commutes and weekend getaways.
  • TEM G33: Rs. 92,000 – A stylish and feature-rich scooter with comfortable ergonomics and decent range.
  • T 133: Rs. 1 Lakh – A performance-oriented scooter with good speed and long range.
  • Roma S: Rs. 95,000 – A stylish and premium scooter with modern features and a good range.
  • Storm ZX: Rs. 90,000 – Built for speed and thrill, it boasts a powerful motor and impressive range.
  • Storm ZX Advance 1: Rs. 1.15 Lakh – Takes performance to the next level with a powerful motor and even longer range.
  • Storm ZX Advance 2: Rs. 1.35 Lakh – The top-of-the-line Tunwal scooter offers ultimate performance, features, and range.

Important Note: These prices are ex-showroom prices and may vary depending on location and taxes. Additional charges like registration and insurance may also apply.

Key Features

Tunwal Electric Scooters offer a diverse range of models, each with its own unique set of key features. Here’s a breakdown of the key features for each category:

Budget-Friendly Options:

  • Sport 63 Mini: Compact size, lightweight, affordable price, 55-70 km range, push-button start, drum brakes.
  • Mini Lithino: Slightly higher range than Sport 63 Mini (60-70 km), digital instrument cluster, alloy wheels, tubeless tires.

Mid-Range Segment:

  • Elektrika 60: 60 km range, regenerative braking, mobile app connectivity, anti-theft alarm, dual disc brakes.
  • Sports 63 Alpha 48V: Improved mileage compared to Sports 63 Mini, comfortable seat, LED headlamps.
  • Lithino Li: Similar features to Lithino 2.0 but with a lithium-ion battery (instead of gel battery) for lighter weight and better performance.

Premium Options:

  • Sport 63 Mid: Extended range (80-90 km), higher top speed, hydraulic suspension, tubeless tires.
  • Lithino 2.0: Stylish design, digital instrument cluster, mobile app connectivity, cruise control, keyless start.
  • TEM G33: Spacious storage compartment, reverse gear, regenerative braking, alloy wheels.
  • T 133: Powerful motor for faster acceleration, long-range (85-100 km), disc brakes front and rear.
  • Roma S: LED headlamps and taillights, comfortable seat, large under-seat storage, tubeless tires.
  • Storm ZX: High-performance motor for top speeds exceeding 70 km/h, long-range (100-120 km), disc brakes, dual shock absorbers.
  • Storm ZX Advance Series: Additional features like GPS navigation, anti-lock braking system (ABS), advanced digital instrument cluster, and premium finishes.

Unveiling Performance Specifications

Tunwal Electric Scooter Performance Specifications: A Comparative Table




Motor Power (W) Top Speed (km/h) Range (km) Battery Type Battery Capacity (Ah) Key Performance Notes
Sport 63 Mini 250 BLDC 25 55-70 48V Gel 28 Compact, affordable, basic performance
Mini Lithino 350 BLDC 25 60-70 48V Lithium-ion 26 Slightly better range than the Sport 63 Mini
Elektrika 60 600 BLDC 40 60 60V Lithium-ion 20 Good range, regenerative braking
Sports 63 Alpha 48V 350 BLDC 25 70 48V Lithium-ion 26 Improved mileage compared to Sport 63 Mini
Lithium Li 500 BLDC 30 60 60V Lithium-ion 20 Lighter weight and performance than Lithino 2.0
Sport 63 Mid 800 BLDC 45 80-90 60V Lithium-ion 25 Extended range, higher top speed
Lithino 2.0 1200 BLDC 45 70-85 72V Lithium-ion 20 Stylish, modern features, good range
TEM G33 1200 BLDC 45 70-80 72V Lithium-ion 20 Spacious storage, reverse gear
T 133 1500 BLDC 60 85-100 72V Lithium-ion 25 Powerful motor, long range
Roma S 1200 BLDC 45 70-80 72V Lithium-ion 20 Stylish, comfortable, decent range
Storm ZX 2500 BLDC 70+ 100-120 72V Lithium-ion 32 High-performance, long-range
Storm ZX Advance:
Advance 1 4000 BLDC 80+ 120-140 72V Lithium-ion 40 Top speed, range, advanced features
Advance 2 5000 BLDC 90+ 140-160 72V Lithium-ion 50 Fastest, longest range, premium specs


Pros of Tunwal Electric Scooters

Tunwal Electric Scooters are a compelling alternative to traditional petrol scooters for those seeking a sustainable and stylish alternative. The following are some of the key benefits of owning a Tunwal electric scooter:

Environmental Benefits:

  • Zero emissions: Unlike petrol scooters, Tunwal EVs produce no tailpipe emissions, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment.
  • Reduced noise pollution: Electric motors run quietly, leading to a more peaceful urban landscape.
  • Sustainable energy: Charging with renewable energy sources like solar power further minimizes your environmental footprint.


  • Lower running costs: Electricity costs significantly less per kilometer than petrol, leading to substantial savings on fuel expenses.
  • Minimal maintenance: Electric scooters require far less maintenance than petrol scooters, thanks to fewer moving parts and simpler engines.
  • Government incentives: Several Indian states offer subsidies and other incentives for purchasing electric vehicles, making Tunwal scooters even more affordable.

Performance and Convenience:

  • Powerful and efficient motors: Tunwal models offer a range of motor options, catering to different needs and speeds. Even at lower speeds, electric motors provide instant torque for smooth acceleration.
  • Automatic transmission: No need to worry about gears, making riding simple and effortless.
  • Compact and maneuverable: Tunwal scooters are perfect for navigating congested city streets and finding parking in tight spaces.

Additional Advantages:

  • Modern features: Many models come equipped with advanced features like digital instrument clusters, keyless start, mobile app connectivity, and GPS navigation.
  • Stylish and diverse designs: Tunwal offers a range of attractive designs to suit various tastes and preferences.
  • Reliable and growing brand: Tunwal is a well-established brand with a growing network of dealerships and service centers across India.

Cons of Tunwal Electric Scooters

Even though Tunwal Electric Scooters offer a promising alternative to traditional petrol scooters, it is important to consider their limitations before purchasing one.

Here are some potential cons to know:

Limited Range: The range of electric scooters, such as the Tunwal models, is generally shorter than that of petrol scooters. Tunwal scooters have an average range of 50-120 kilometers, depending on the model and riding conditions. For those who commute long distances or travel frequently outside of town, this might not be suitable.

Charging infrastructure: A lack of charging stations in some areas, especially outside of major cities, remains a challenge. Certain lifestyles may find it inconvenient to rely solely on home charging.

Higher initial cost: While Tunwal electric scooters have lower long-term operating costs than comparable petrol scooters, their initial purchase price is generally higher.

Performance limitations: The acceleration and top speed of electric scooters are generally lower than those of petrol scooters. You may not find this to be ideal if you are seeking a fast and thrilling ride.

Battery degradation: Electric scooter batteries gradually degrade over time, reducing their range and eventually requiring replacement. As a result, the overall cost of ownership increases.

Weather Dependence: Performance and range can be significantly impacted by extreme weather conditions like cold temperatures or heavy rain.

Availability and Spare Parts: Despite Tunwal’s growing network of service centers, some locations may not have access to spare parts and qualified technicians.

Safety Concerns: An electric scooter carries the same risks as any two-wheeled vehicle. Adhering to traffic regulations and wearing appropriate safety gear is essential.

Brand Perception: Even though Tunwal is a well-established brand, awareness, and perception of the brand may be lower than those of larger automotive manufacturers, particularly in certain regions.


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