HOP OXO Price, Range, Battery Charging Electric Bike in india

HOP is a new E-Bike new startup based in Jaipur, Rajasthan (India). This Startup makes the Latest technology in electric bikes. Moreover, the Exterior design of this bike is very luxurious and beautiful. These bike shoes are like a Superbike. in this article we are talking about HOP Electric Bikes.

Furthermore in India HOP Launched its Own Three Models of Electric Bikes Named OXO, LYF, and LEO. The expensive and high-end bike is OXO. This is a highly advertised product by the company.

Moreover, India is growing gradually in the Electric Vehicles sector. The eldest automobile manufacturers launch their own electric bikes. Furthermore, most of the new E-Bike Companys are started their own E-Bikes Business startups. Examples:- OLA Electric, Ather Energy, Okinawa Scooters, Ampere Electric, and Hero Electric.

Detail About Hop Oxo Electric Bike

Hop Electric OXO is an electric bike launched in India at Ex-Showroom Starting Price At Rs ₹ 1,39,999, Moreover this Electric Bike comes in four Different Colours Like True Black, Twilight Grey, Electric Yellow, Magnetic Blue, and Candy Red.

HOP OXO Electric Bike Digital Meter

Furthermore this Electric Bike OXO Supports a 72 V “eFlow Electric Powertrain. This Means No Noise. No Vibrations. No Pollution creates this bike. This bike has a double disc combi braking system. This is the most useful feature of this Bike. If You are conscious of bike theft, so don’t worry this bike comes with Anti-theft alerts connected to your mobile phone. Company Clams Hop oxo Electric Bike comes with smart charge technology. The speed of Charging is rapid.

The Oxo Bike Comes in Two Variants.

First, OXO and OXO (Pro Packages)

There is no major difference in these variants. Likely a Minor difference in both types of models. The top speed of the OXO Model is 90 Kmph and 95* Kmph. Total Speed in OXO (Pro Package). This limit of speed is very high according to other electric bikes. 

Moreover, Most people can be interested in high torque and speed bikes, but this OXO bike fulfills the customer’s requirement. 

Explain Different Types of Drive Modes

OXO Electric Bike comes with Three Drive Modes

  1. Eco Mode
  2. Power Mode
  3. Sport Mode

This is the list of drive modes of the OXO Electric Bike. Eco Mode helps the drive better. If in any condition, you need a good battery to enable the eco mode. After enabling this mode, you will use more kilometers.

Power Mode is used to try this mode if you need more power, torque, or speed from an electric bike. This mode is used to boost the power of this electric Scooter.

Third, Sport Mode is used for High speed if you want to run at high speed so that you can try this mode.

What Type of Battery is Used in Hop Oxo Bike?

The Battery is the most important part of an electric bike. HOP OXO comes with Lithium-ion Technology Based Battery. The 3.75 Kwh Rated Power of this Battery. Moreover, this Battery supports 72 V Architecture. This Battery takes 5 Hours to charge fully. Most customers can check the Battery before buying the Bike because the Battery describes the total range of the electric Bike.

Charging Process of the Hop Oxo Electric Bike

Hop Oxo Electric Bike is the Latest Technology bike. This Hop Oxo supports 850W Fast Charging. Fast Charging is the most demandable feature in every electric Vehicle. Hop company has fully fil the customer requirement and provides fast Charging for own electric bikes.

Hop Oxo Warranty Procedure

Warranty is the Most important Plan for every Vehicle. in electric vehicle cases; a Warranty is very important. Because the Battery does not have a Fixed Particular Life, a Warranty is very important. The company will provide 3 Years Warranty on the Vehicle and 

Four years or 50,000Kms on Battery. Moreover 3 Years Warranty on the Motor. Furthermore, Charger & Controller has 3 Years of Warranty.

Hop Electric LEO

Hop Electric LEO is a new electric scooter company founded in India. Moreover, LEO is the best electric Scooter in the Indian Price segment. The Price starting from this Bike is Rs. 81,999. This electric Scooter comes in Five Different Colours. 

Hop Electric LEO Types of Models

This Electric Scooter has three different types of models. This is the list of names of models of this Scooter.


Explain Ride Modes HOP LEO Scooter

The HOP LEO Scooter is a new entrant in the market of electric scooters. It has Three Ride modes. Eco, Normal, and Sport. The Eco mode is the most economical, while the Sport mode is the fastest.

Hop Electric LEO Electric Motor

Leo Electric Scooter comes with a powerful and fastest electric motor. The rating of this Electric Motor is 2500 W Peak Power. 

Therefore motor has a Top Speed of 25 KM/Hr. With 125 NM of Wheel Torque. The Load capacity is 180 kgs of this motor. and 72V PMSM Hub Motors are powering the LEO scooter. Moreover, the Motor is IP 67 Rated.

Hop Electric LEO Easy Charging

The LEO can be charged at any time with a 15 Amp Standard Socket. This Scooter has a 120 km Range in just three and a Half Hours. In standard Scooter will run only 75 Kms. And in Extended mode, 125 Km of range per charge.

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