What is Electric Scooter Charging Cost in india?

Are you looking to buy an electric scooter but need to know what is the actual charging cost of an E-Scooter is? This is an interesting question because everyone asks what the real electric scooter charging cost is. Moreover, I will tell you how to calculate the Cost of any charging scooter or bike.

The Cost of charging an electric scooter in India depends on Various factors, including the Type of Charger and the amount of electricity used. In most cases, it can range from a few rupees to several hundred rupees per charge, depending on how much electricity is used. The Electric Scooter Charging Cost is Rs 20 to 50

There are many factors to define the actual Cost of charging. Furthermore, there are Two Most Types of Charging stations.

  1. Home Wall Chargers
  2. DC Fast Chargers

Moreover, batteries and Electric motors play a major role in charging Costs. Most Indian E- Scooter owners have Wall Chargers Because DC Fast Chargers are not easy to Available in any City. Charging Costs every Time varies According to the Battery or Electricity Rates. Therefore Every Electric Scooter has a Different Type of Battery or Electric Motor.

What is Cost to Charge an Electric Car?

1. Home Wall Charging Cost

A home wall charger is known as Standard Charger for electric vehicles. Moreover, this Charger has a Box type of Electronic item attached to the wall. Furthermore, the wall charger input Voltage is 220V To 280V. The output Voltage of this Charger is according to the Scooter battery needs. For Example, Ather 450X electric scooters use the 4 kWh Battery. And Power Unit Price is Rs. 6-12 kWh in India.

These chargers Support Maximum Power from 24V to 36V and Charge current up to 10 Amp.

The Total Full battery charging cost is = Price Per Unit x kWh = Charging Cost

Per Unit Rs 8 x 4kWh = Rs 32 Charging Cost

The Cost of charging of wall charger is less than the DC Fast charger. Therefore Fast Charger can consume more electricity than the Standard Charger.

2. DC Fast Chargers

DC Fast Chargers are a great way to Charger an Electric Scooter. But They are fairly expensive than Standard Wall Chargers. This type of Charger Can take up to 1 Hour to Full the electric scooter battery. This DC Charger Comes in 58V / 72V, with power outputs. The Support Power of these chargers is 10 Kwhto 50 Kwh Rated Power. This Charger is designed specifically for high-power batteries. 

The Quick Charge Station is larger than the Portable Charger. It has multiple ports that allow you to plug in multiple devices at once, and it also includes an AC adapter so that you can use it anywhere there’s access to electricity.

What is Ather 450X Charging Cost?

The Ather 450X is one of the most powerful electric scooters in the Automobile market in India. This Scooter has a quick battery charging system that can take the battery from 0 to 80% in just 50 minutes. This Scooter charging costs around Rs. 20 to 30.

What is Ola Electric Scooter Charging Cost?

Ola’s electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular due to their low charging cost and Performance. Charging Cost of an Ola E-Scooter costs only Rs 10 To 25 in India. The scooters come in a heavy-duty Lithium-ion battery that ensures a long-lasting charge. 

What is Tvs Iqube Charging Cost?

TVS iQube is the best electric Scooter in India. The TVS iQube cost of charging is Rs 15 to 18. This electric Scooter has advanced features, such as a charging port, an onboard computer, and a Luxury design.

What is Okinawa Praise Charging Cost?

The Okinawa Praise electric scooter charging Cost in India is one of the most affordable in the Indian market. The Cost of charging a full battery of the Okinawa Praise is around Rs 8 – Rs 15. The Okinawa Praise also features an advanced battery management system that helps in reducing the overall charging time.

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