Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter – Price, Specifications, Range

Bajaj Automotive’s plan to develop its electric vehicle by 2021 is ambitious and risky. The company has already invested heavily in electric technology, but the business model is still to be proven. Bajaj wants to shift its focus entirely to electric vehicles by 2021 and sell them under the Chetak brand. To do that, it needs to build a large manufacturing capacity. So far, the company has invested Rs 2,000 crore to develop and build electric vehicles. It aims to sell at least 500,000 units annually over the next five years. These are the best steps from bajaj to launching the electric scooter. Most Indian demanding electric scooters because fuel prices are gradually increasing daily.

About Chetak History

Chetak is very famous in the Indian automobile industry. It was a popular scooter in India and is still a popular model in other countries. The Chetak is known for its reliability and durability. It is a very reliable motor scooter. This is because it has been in production for over 40 years. The Chetak is considered one of the best motor scooters in the world.

Chetak Features The Chetak was first introduced in the year 1971. The Chetak is known for its affordability and reliability. It was designed for the Indian market but is now used worldwide. The Chetak is a popular motor scooter with an engine powered by a 948cc single-cylinder engine. The engine is mated to a 4-speed transmission. The Chetak also features a single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 948 cc. This single-cylinder power engine generates very high power. They don’t feel less power during driving the bike.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Price

The Chetak will be Priced at Rs ₹125,965 to ₹155,470 (ex-showroom Delhi) and come with a battery that can last 100 km on a single charge. The company says it will not compete with Hero Electric and Mahindra Reva, which sell electric two-wheelers priced below Rs 2 lakh. But it is also not ruling out a tie-up with them. “We are not in the business of selling just one product,” says Bajaj’s chief operating officer Amit Malhotra. “We are in the business of offering solutions to our customers.”

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Booking

Booking Bajaj Chetak electric scooter is easy. You must Visit the Nearest Bajaj Dealers or Showrooms and book the same. So, you should contact the showroom at least one month before the booking date. After booking, you will receive a confirmation mail regarding your booking. Bajaj Chetak electric scooter price The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter price varies from city to city. It also depends on the booking amount. The price is very low if you plan to buy the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter for personal use. But, if you plan to buy the same for commercial purposes, you must pay more.

List of Bajaj Chetak Electric Specifications

The company has been working on a fully electric scooter since 2021 but has yet to release a commercially viable model. However, in 2021, Bajaj unveiled the Chetak EV, a battery-powered scooter with a range of 90km on a single charge and can travel at speeds of up to 63 Kmph. The scooter can be charged in Four hours using a standard domestic charger.

Riding Range 90 Km
Top Speed 63 Kmph
Battery Charging Time 5 Hrs
Rated Power 3800W
USB Charging Port Yes
Max Power 4,080W

How Long Does the Bajaj Chetak Battery Last?

Bajaj Chetak battery lasts around 70,000km. After this, it needs a battery replacement. The battery is charged by plugging it into an electrical socket.

What is the Range of the Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter?

The Range of the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter is around 90 km per charge.

What is the Charging Time of Chetak?

The charging time of the Chetak electric scooter takes about 4 hours to get a full charge.

Can I Charge My Electric Scooter Every Day?

Yes, you Can charge Chetak’s electric scooter daily without any problem.

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