Strom Motors R3 EV Price, Images, Design & Features 2022

The Strom Motors R3 is the latest and greatest electric Car on the market today. It has zero emissions and an average speed of 80 Km/h. The R3 also has many other impressive features, such as handling corners efficiently and having seating for four passengers. This is the upcoming cheapest electric Car. This is the First Three Wheeler Electric Car in India.

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, with many believing they’re the future of transportation. In the automobile sector, there are not any mid-segment electric cars. The Strom Motors R3 is a small, lightweight electric car designed to be affordable and efficient. The Strom Motors R3 is perfect for commuters who want to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on fuel costs.

About Strom Motors R3

Strom Motors R3 is a new generation of electric vehicles designed to revolutionize the way we think about transportation. You can finally ride in style and feel good about having an environmentally friendly car. Strom R3 electric car is also manufactured by Strom motors India.

This EV has come to India under the 5 Lakh Budget range. The maximum power of this electric Car is 20.11bhp. This Car has launched two seating capacities. This electric Car also has a beautiful design. According to ARAI, the Total Range of this Car is 200Km. Strom R3 has a 13 kW Electric Engine motor, and this Electric Motor Generates a 48 Nm Torque. The Configuration of R3 is very good. Strom Motors has been providing a 200KM Range of this Car.

The cost of running Per Kilometer of R3 is 0.40p Per Kilometer. This is the main reason many peoples are interested in this Car.

Strom Motors R3 Charging and Warranty

Strom Motors R3 Charging is a new type of charging that uses electricity from renewable sources to charge electric vehicles. Using multiple energy sources, the charger can be more efficient and provide faster charging times for electric cars than traditional chargers. R3 electric Car’s total charging time is Approx 3 Hours, and Company will Provide the 15 Amp Standard Charger with this electric Car. After a full charge, this EV Can Run Auto 80 Kilometers on a Single Charge.

The Strom Motors Provide an R3 Model 1 Lakh Kilometer and 3 Year Battery Warranty. The Company provides these Conditions.

R3 Interior and Exterior Design

The Strom Motors R3 is a luxurious car designed to be the perfect balance between comfort and performance. The exterior of the Car features a very aggressive. The Company provides the Allow Wheels for the R3 Electric Car. These Cars are also available in different colors.

The interior of this Car is premium leather seats, a steering wheel, a dashboard, door panels, center console armrests, door handles, and window switches. The Strom Company logo is placed on the steering wheel. The Company has provided an infotainment system with this car Dashboard. The windshield of R3 is in Curved Design. It also Looks Beautiful.

Strom Motors R3 Price

The Strom Motors R3 is a new electric car designed for the Indian market and priced at Rs. 4.50 lakhs. This is the first cheapest electric Car in India. This is a Mid-Range electric car.

Features of Strom Motors R3

  1. The Max Torque of the R3 Car is 20.11bhp
  2. There is only 2 Person Seating Capacity in this Car.
  3. The Max Torque (nm@rpm) of Strom Motors R3 is 90 Nm.
  4. The Range of this Car is 200Km.
  5. This Electric Car has Support Air Conditioner.

Strom R3 launch Date?

The Company has not yet released any information about its launch date.

Does Strom R3 have AC?

Yes, Strom R3 has Air Conditioner with Automatic (Climate Control).

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