Mahindra E-Supro: An Electric Cargo Van for the Indian Market

In the Indian market, Mahindra E-Supro is an electric cargo van explicitly designed for the Indian market. The electric vehicle is powered by a 200 kWh battery pack that gives it a range of up to 115 kilometers on a single charge. A 33 HP motor powers the van and can reach a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

Currently, the E-Supro is available in two variants: a cargo van and a passenger van. The cargo van can carry up to 1,200 kilograms of payload, while the passenger can accommodate up to eight people. The air conditioning, power windows, and power steering are included in both car variants.

The E-Supro is priced starting at ₹8.45 lakh (ex-showroom). It is Mahindra’s first electric cargo van aimed at commercial buyers such as fleet operators and small businesses.

For Power, this Van has 3 3-phase AC induction Electric motors. The maximum power of this Motor is 25kW @ 3000 rpm. The maximum torque of this Van is 90Nm @ 1500 rpm.

Mahindra E-Supro Top Speed is 60 Kmph. This speed is the excellent speed in this vehicle. The Battery Range of this Van is 112 KM (Passenger Van) and 115 Km (Cargo Van).

EV Technology is increasing day by day. Many companies are focused on Making Electric Cars and Electric Bikes. But Mahindra is working very differently than other companies to make EVs. This company makes Vans powered by electricity.

In the Automobile market, many people demand electric vehicles for commercial uses. In commercial services, Vehicles Running costs are very costly. So, we talk about electric vehicles. This type of vehicle is much cheaper than diesel engines.

Features of Mahindra E-Supro

Mahindra E-Supro’s features are very impressive. There are many advantages of this vehicle. The 200Ah battery used in this vehicle is an excellent decision. Long backup is essential for commercial uses. the Charge Time of this Van is (0 to 100% @25ºC) in just 8 hours 30 minutes

There Are Many Features of This Van Shown Below

Vehicle Dimensions Width (mm) 1540
Height (mm) 1922
Wheelbase 1950 (mm)
Ground Clearance 130 (mm)
Suspension Front: McPherson Strut with Coil Spring
Rear: Leaf Spring
Wheels & Tyres Wheels 4.5J x 13
Tyre Size 155/80 R13 Radial Tubeless (33cm)
Brakes Front: Hydraulic, Disc
Rear: Hydraulic, Drum
Warranty Vehicle 2yrs / 40,000kms
Battery Warranty Battery 3yrs / 40,000kms

Mahindra E-supro Cargo Van Range

The Mahindra E-Supro Cargo Van has a range of up to 115 kilometers on a single charge. This range is based on the van’s official specifications and may vary depending on driving conditions, load weight, and speed.

The van is powered by a 200 kWh battery pack that requires 8 hours and 30 minutes to charge fully. E-Supro has a standard 3-pin charging socket, but a fast charger is also available.

The range of the E-Supro is sufficient for the majority of commercial applications. As an example, a fleet operator might use the van to deliver goods within a radius of 100 kilometers of their base. Additionally, the van can be used for personal purposes, such as commuting or running errands.

How Fast Can the Van Go?

At around 60 Kmph, the van can travel a good distance before needing to come to a stop.

What is the Mahindra E-supro Cargo Van Price in India?

The Mahindra E-Supro Cargo Van price in India starts from 8.45 – 8.75 Lakh

What is the Mahindra E-supro Van Warranty?

The Mahindra E-Supro Van Warranty provides protection for the purchaser of an new or used Mahindra E-Supro van against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 year (24) months from the date of purchase. This warranty is void if the vehicle has been abused, tampered with, modified, or misused in any way.

What is the Battery Range of E Supro Van?

The Battery Range of e Supro van is 112 Km.

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