The Complete Guide to Electric Car Per Km Cost

The Electric Car running cost is Aproxx Rs 1 To 2 per km. This is the most searched question on the internet. The fuel prices hike gradually day by day. This reason the popularity of electric cars is increasing in recent years.  An electric car’s running costs are substantially lower than those of a conventional petrol or diesel-powered vehicle. The fuel costs for an electric car are only around one-fifth of those for a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle with comparable performance.

How to Calculate Electric Car Per KM Cost

There are various methods to calculate the Per KM Cost of an electric car. The most common method is shown below.

Size of battery (kWh) x Electricity cost of your supplier

Battery 50 kWh X 10 Per Unit = Rs 500 Full Charge

Per km Cost = Full Charge / Range
Per km Cost = 500 / 200 = Rs 2.5

The cost of electric cars in India is still a mystery to many, although the market for these vehicles is growing rapidly.

Here Are Some Facts About Per Km Costs of Electric Cars in India:

The per km cost of an electric car varies depending on the type and size of the vehicle. A small car like the Tata Nexon will typically cost more fuel than a large truck or bus. However, plug-in hybrid and all-electric models offer lower per km costs than traditional petrol or diesel vehicles.

What is Per KM Cost of Electric Car?

Costs     Electric Car Fuel Car
Years           10               10
Per Km Cost(₹) Rs 1 (₹ 9 per unit) Rs 10 (₹ 100 per litre & 10 KMPL mileage)
Maintainance & Servicing(₹) (₹) 70000 (₹) 200000
Repairs/Replacements Cost (₹)     (₹) 1000000 (₹) 50000

The cost of electric cars is slowly but surely increasing in popularity, and there are several reasons for this. They have lower emissions than fuel-engine vehicles, and electric cars require far less maintenance than traditional car models. The average battery life for an electric car is around 300 Kilometers, so you won’t need to replace your battery anytime soon.

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