Electric Car Number Plate Color

Electric cars are increasingly popular gradually. most people do not know about the color coding of electric cars in India. moreover, this is an interesting question, in India, there is a very less number of electric cars in the automobile market. in this article, I will tell you information related to number plates. Some people believe that blue or green leaves are the most environmentally friendly. while others argue that yellow or white plates are better because they’re easier to see in traffic.

The most popular EV number plate colors are white, black, silver, and green. there are currently two main types of electric cars – battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs). Each type has its own unique color scheme, which is essential when it comes to registering your vehicle.

Here’s a List of the Colors and Their Corresponding Meanings:

  • The green Number Plate indicates an All-Electric Vehicle – BEV
  • Blue indicates an electrical version or PHEV; Battery EVs have a gray backplate with blue lettering.

Why Electric Car Has Green Number Plate

Electric cars have a green number plate because they generate zero emissions. In fact, all-electric vehicles emit nothing but electricity, which means that they are environmentally friendly. Electric cars also don’t produce any noise or smells, making them a popular choice for people who live in crowded cities or areas with strict pollution rules.

Some Other Benefits of Electric Cars Include:

  1. They’re cheaper to operate than gasoline and diesel cars.
  2. They save you money on fuel costs over the life of your car.
  3. You can travel further on a single charge than you can with gasoline or diesel vehicles.

Why E-Bikes have no Number Plate.

Mostly in India, no number plate on electric bikes are speeding more than 40 kmph. Because Electric bikes have no Gear and not too much high speed.  Indian Govt allows if the vehicle has under 40 kmph there is no need number plate.

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