What is Cost to Charge an Electric Car?

The cost to charge an electric car is not just restricted to charging fees but also includes the initial purchase price and fuel savings. It is estimated that driving on electricity is approximately three times cheaper than gasoline. The cost to charge an electric car varies depending on the charger used. The cost of setting up an electric vehicle at home can be as low as $1 per day, while the price of a public charger can range from $3.75 to $6.


 It would help if you had a modern outlet or a charging station to charge an electric car. Modern charging outlets can charge the car six to eight times more quickly than charging stations. To calculate the cost of setting up your electric vehicle, start by estimating the cost per kilowatt-hour of fuel.


The average cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity in San Diego is $0.20, which means that to fill up your electric vehicle would be around $2.40 in energy costs alone (assuming you have access to a modern outlet and not a charging station). However, since different types of cars will use different amounts of energy, this number will depend on the model and style of vehicle that you own.

The Cost of Charging an Electric Car in Different Countries

The first thing to do is to see where you live to know the total charging cost of an electric car. In this way, it will be estimated that electricity is cheap in your area and expensive. Many such countries all over the world allow free charging for electric vehicles. It is around 6 dollars in a country like America, and in Australia, it is about $11.50 – 22 dollars. All countries have their different rates.


How to Find the Full-Range Cost?


If you want to calculate the total cost of charging an electric car, it depends on how many Units of Electricity (kWh) your electric car consumes while charging. For example: – if you have a car like Tesla S Model, the cost per kWh in the US is about 0.13 cents. After that, you can easily find the cost of charging your electric car. Tesla Model S has a 50 kWh battery. This battery stores more energy than other electric car batteries. after finding the battery configuration, you can easily find the total cost of charging. After reducing the battery level to zero, you can set your electric vehicle from 0% to 100%.


                          Battery capacity 

example   =    ———————    =  Total cost

                             Price of kWh


                    Cost is    ————  =  $6.5 dollars


Using this method, a simple formula can easily find your EV charging cost. In most cases, the values ​​are changed based on time.

How Long Does It Take to Charge an Ev on a Road Trip?


During Road Trip, you can not be able to charge your electric vehicle; the solution is please stop at an EV Charging Station or Hotel to charge your EV. The Electric Vehicle take time to charge fully; this time is approx 1 Hour to 11 Hour; this charging process only depends on the charger and which type of charger you have used during charging. In Highways, many charging stations are inserted, so you can easily choose the best charger according to your needs and near about for you.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a 200-mile Electric Car?


Take to Charge a 200-mile electric car; the total time is approx 80 Min to 2 Hours. This is not the actual time; this time are only following Fat Charging Stations like DC Fast Chargers. This type of Charger can charge your EV in just hours. This 200 Miles distance can easily be covered while charging the battery.

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