Challenges in Electric Vehicles in India

The current electric vehicle market in India is still beginning stage. There are only thousands of vehicles in the country. Furthermore, opposite side the petrol and diesel vehicle quantity is very high in crores. The need for charging infrastructure is one of the key challenges facing the growth of E.V.s in India. Currently, there are limited numbers of charging stations around the country.

E.V.s has almost 5% of total vehicle sales in India. The government has been taking steps to promote the adoption of E.V.s in India. It has set an ambitious target of having 80% of all new vehicle sales be E.V.s by 2030. To achieve this target, the government has been working on a number of initiatives, such as providing subsidies for the purchase of E.V.s.

Here This is the Main Points of Challenges in Electric Vehicles

Lack of Awareness: Most people are unaware of electric vehicles, so there are scared to buy this vehicle. People need to learn about the advantages of an electric car, how good this vehicle is for them, and how cheap it runs compared to petrol and diesel. Awareness is the most important factor in electric vehicle sales.

High Cost: An electric vehicle’s cost is very high compared to other petrol and diesel vehicles. This is because these vehicles do not have engines; due to the absence of a machine, it uses an electric motor and battery pack, the cost of which is more than 60% of the car. This is the main reason the cost of an electric vehicle should be lowered. Moreover, the cost is the most important factor. And another reason is the whole world is facing shorting of semiconductor chips, so in this reason, this is another reason for the high cost of an E.V.

Limited Range: The biggest problem with electric vehicles is range anxiety. There is always a fear that your electric vehicle’s battery might run out before reaching your destination. The range of an electric car is around 300 to 500 kilometers. Moreover, after this range, E.V. will not work. It would help if you charged again.

Lack of Trained Personnel to Repair Electric Vehicles: If your electric vehicle breaks down, the biggest problem is repairing it. This problem is the biggest in electric cars these days. Most service centers need to do better in repairing electric vehicles as they need well-trained mechanics. Moreover, If you are at a place where there is no mechanic and your E.V. need repair, it can cause many problems for you.

Lack of Charging Stations: The issue of charging stations has been going on for a long time. Every automobile company is launching its electric vehicle, but no one can improve its network for charging stations. E.V. owners always find charging stations near about own area, but there are limited chargers available in size. Furthermore, in rural areas, there are few chargers available. The company should improve its charging network according to the car sales, so that vehicle owners do not face any problems with charging.

Safety Concerns: Everyone is afraid to buy an electric vehicle because he worries that his car may catch fire. There have indeed been many such cases in India, like one of Ola’s electric scooters that caught fire while driving. This is because E.V.s rely on high-voltage batteries to power their motors. The company should use a good battery pack so that the car or bike does not catch fire or People can buy electric vehicles without any problem.

Limited Availability: In many cases, EVs are challenges of electric vehicles available in certain areas or through certain dealerships. This can make it difficult for people who live in areas where E.V.s are not readily available to get their hands on one. If someone wants to buy an electric vehicle, the biggest problem he faces is that the car is out of stock. If you are thinking of getting an electric vehicle and your dealer says to book it, you will get the car after 6 months. Then it will be a matter of problem for you. Electric vehicles remain in stock in very limited quantities.

Charging Problem: The charging problem is the biggest in an electric vehicle. For example, you can top up petrol and diesel cars within 5 minutes, but this is different with electric vehicles. If you have a simple charger, you may have to wait for 5 to 10 hours. And if you change the app with a fast charger, it will take only 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you are going on the way and the charger of your electric car runs out, it often happens. If you are still looking for a charging station on the way, then this can be a big problem for you.

High Servicing Cost: High service cost is common in electric vehicles. This vehicle does not have an engine but needs service. Such as changing the braking oil in an electric vehicle and checking the battery pack. There are these types of checkups done for these vehicles. That’s why the service cost of these vehicles is high.

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