BYD Seal Electric Sedan – Price, Launch Date, Specs

BYD is a Chinese multinational car manufacturer. This brand came to India a few years ago. BYD has made the best quality electric cars over from last many years. But recently, this brand launched our new electric vehicle named BYD Seal. This is the upcoming new electric car.

Moreover, This electric car is the premium segment sedan electric car. If this car’s speed is awe-inspiring, this EV achieves 0-100 km/h ACCELERATION IN just 3.8 seconds. And BYD SEAL comes with the best battery backup. The company claims the Battery backup of this SEAL car is Range is Upto 700km on a Single Charge. This is the best upcoming electric car in India.

BYD Seal Electric Sedan

BYD Seal Car Performance

BYD SEALs are Masters in Performance. BYD has grown to become a significant player in the electric vehicle market in India. The BYD electric car is highly efficient, high-performance, and environmentally friendly. SEAL car comes with a 50:50 golden axle load distribution ratio; this is the essential feature. Moreover, BYD SEAL is tested with the Moose test at a speed of 83.5km/h. There are a few latest technologies implemented in this electric car. This technology is known as shown below.

BYD EV CTB: Cell-to-Body Technology 

The BYD Company has Developed a new technology related stability of this car. BYD CTB technology integrates the blade battery into the vehicle body. And this has evolved the battery “Sandwich Structure” into a vehicle “Sandwich Structure. Moreover, This technology improves the Car performance and handling with vehicle safety or stability.

  • e-Platform 3.0

This e-Platform 3.0 is Totely Developed and designed for only For Electric Vehicles. in This Platform; there are many Technologies features inbuilt, like a motor, motor controller, onboard charger, high-voltage distribution, & BMS. Moreover, BYD Claims this is the 8-in-1 High-Efficiency Electric Powertrain system that only comes in SEAL Electric cars. The most of one benefit of this car is this system has decreased the internal Heat by up to 20%.

  • Heat Pump System

In this Paragraph, I will describe how Heat pumps work and how they can be used in electric cars. BYD Company has Developed a Heat Pump System after a long research for its electric vehicles.

This Heat Pump System is the electric car’s Smart Heating Controlling unit. This system collects all Heat from the car cavin and many other places like the battery pack heat, From Air Conditioner Unit; after gathering, it reduces the Heat from Car to Cool down the over system smartly.

This system works with BYD e-Platform 3.0 Technology. This Heating Pump is connected to the Dashboard and the heating Radiator of the car.

BYD Seal Price List With Variants

BYD Seal Electric Car comes in India with a Reasonable Price at just Rs Rs.60 Lakh Ex-Showroom Price. This is only a small price according to EV. This electric car comes in only an Automatic variant.

BYD Seal Electric Sedan


The BYD Seal electric car is a revolutionary vehicle that offers a unique combination of performance, convenience, and sustainability. It is powered by an advanced battery system that provides up to 550km of range on a single charge. Additionally, the car features an impressive array of safety features and driver assistance systems. This article will examine the BYD Seal’s specifications, including its powertrain options, interior design, and technological features.

Battery: The BYD SEAL Electric Car has an 82.5kWh Battery Pack Powered by lithium-ion technology. BYD claims the battery technology used in this car is new. The company uses CTB: Cell-to-Body bases technology used with batteries.

Electric Motor: Electric Motor is an integral part of any electric car. The motor is the engine of the car to run the car. BYD SEAL Electric car comes in a Dual Motor Setup, and Generate the Power Outputs WIth this motor of 312PS and 360Nm.

Battery Range: The BYD Seal electric car Battery Range Offers up to 700km of driving range on a single charge with an 82.5kWh battery pack, making it one of the longest-range electric cars available today. This range can be extended further using regenerative braking and other energy-saving technologies. BYD presents a more type of 61.4kWh battery pack. It can run up to 550km when fully charged.


The BYD Seal electric car offers a wide range of features, making it an ideal choice for electric vehicles. This car has an impressive range, fast charging times, and a long lifespan. Additionally, it is designed to be lightweight, durable, and highly efficient. These features make it an excellent option for an efficient and reliable electric car.

The BYD Seal, an electric car battery, has features that make it an excellent choice for eco-friendly transportation. It has a 15.6-inch infotainment display with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and a 10.25-inch digital driver’s display, allowing drivers to stay connected while on the road.

The car also has a panoramic glass roof, giving passengers an unobstructed view of the sky above them. Many advanced features, such as central AC vents, provide passengers with an even air distribution throughout the cabin, while the door handles are integrated into speakers for added convenience.

BYD Seal: Launch Date in India

BYD Seal electric car is set to launch in India soon in Nov 2023. The company announced the various feature during the launching of this car. It will also be highly Mid Range compared to other electric vehicles.

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