What Is Electric Bike? and India’s Electric Bikes 2023

Due to the increase in the price of petrol all over the world, the era of electric bikes is increasing daily. The first electric car has come, which has spread all the good cars. After the arrival of the electric car, now the era has come for the two-wheeler, which runs on electricity like an electric car. The electric bike is a bike that is driven with the help of electricity and an electric motor, in which you can ride a bike without the cost of any petrol. This article will give you complete information about the electric bike.

What Is an Electric Bike Called?

Electric means electric, and bike means motorcycle, a two-wheeler vehicle. An electric bike is a motorcycle that runs on electricity without any engine. You will not get any engine in this bike nor will there be any petrol problem. The electric bike runs with the help of the battery, which acts as fuel for this bike, and the motor in it, with which it can run, works like an engine. That’s why it is called such an electric bike.

How Does an Electric Bike Work?

The working style of electric bikes is different from that of other motorcycles. In this bike, you will get a motor running on powerful AC and DC power, due to which it can run, which works to rotate the wheels. The powerful battery in this bike, made of Lithium-Ion technology, is used.

Visually, this bike looks like a normal bike, but the technology has changed. In an electric bike, the current from the battery goes towards the inverter, and the inverter converts the DC into AC. In this way, power is used in this bike. AC motor is not used in all types of bikes; most DC (Direct Current) motors are also used. This is how electric bikes work.

Why Was There a Need for an Electric Bike?

The need for electric bikes arose because the price of petrol is increasing daily. The electric bike has been made to overcome all these problems so that you can ride more kilometers with less money. Just like a simple bike runs for Rs 2 a kilometer, this bike from Baisai runs at the cost of less than 1 kilometer for a kilometer. This is the difference between these two. This motorcycle can run for at least 100 kilometers or more on a single charge. This bike gets charged in the least amount, which is low cost.

Which Is the Best Electric Bike in India? – Top Five E-bikes in India

If seen, all types of electric bikes are good in India, but we are giving you a list of these bikes which are in the top 5.

Ather 450X

Price:- ₹1,32,426
Battery:- 2.9kWh
Range:- 60 – 85 km
Charging Time:- 5 hours
Top Speed:- 80 kmph

Revolt RV 400

Price:- ₹1,29,463
Battery:- 3.24kWh
Range:- 80 – 150 km
Charging Time:- 4.5 hours
Top Speed:- 80 kmph

Ola S1 Pro

Price:- ₹1,10,149
Battery:- 3.97kWh
Range:- 130 – 180 km
Charging Time:- 6.5 hours
Top Speed:-115 kmph

Bajaj Chetak

Price:- ₹1,47,775
Battery:- 3kWh
Range:- 80 – 90 km
Charging Time:- 5 hours
Top Speed:- 78 kmph

TVS iQube Electric

Price:- ₹1,15,000
Battery:- 4.5kWh
Range:- 75 km
Charging Time:- 5 hours
Top Speed:- 78 kmph

This list tells you which bike can run for how many kilometers and at what rate this bike is shown in this chart. In this list, we have taken 5 different brands of bikes from the top listed company in India.

How to Convert a Petrol Bike to an Electric Bike?

If you want to make petrol bikes electric, you have come to the right place; we will tell you in full detail how this process works. First, you must get a bike which runs on petrol. You must take out the engine and gear from the petrol bike. After doing all this, you need an electric motor and a battery. Along with this, you will also need another device called BMS (Battery Management System). BMS is called the heart of the electric bike, and it controls all the systems running in the bike. If you want more information about this, you can tell us through the comment. We will do our best to assist you.

What Is Electric Bike Mileage?

This question is the most asked of every person thinking of taking an electric vehicle, and he asks how much this bike’s mileage is. Let us tell you that an E-Bike’s mileage depends on the bike’s battery and the bike’s electric motor. Generally, electric bikes give battery backup of 70 kilometers to 150 kilometers. This backup varies according to the speed and load of the bike. Not every E-Bike can provide the same battery backup.

What Is the Future of Electric Bikes?

The future of electric bikes is great all over the world. Electric vehicles have started being used all over the world. People like electric vehicles because they do not use any fuel, and the cost of running them per kilometer (Per / KM) is very low. These are all good factors that have a good future for electric bikes.


In this article, we have told you about E-Bike. We have given all types of information about the electric bike. Thank you for reading this article. If you need any information, then you can tell us by commenting.

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