Top 13 EV Charging Station Manufacturers in India

In India, electric vehicle charging station quantity is increasing gradually. EV charging station contractors in India can help to improve the business of electric vehicle charging stations in India. These contractors can install, maintain, and repair EV charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs).

EV charging station contractors have authorized persons and are licensed by companies to install an EV charging station.

Every EV owner has wanted a fast charging station around their area. But in most states and cities, charging stations are not available in India. In this era, vehicle owners need a charging station.

Here is the list of contractors providing EV charging station services. This is the list of Big brands providing charging station services across India.

Tata Electric Charging Stations

Tata’s charging station is one of India’s first and best. Tata vehicles are considered the best in safety all over India. Tata started making electric vehicles after 2020. After the लांच of Tata Nexon and Tigor EV, Tata is now focusing on charging stations. The features of these charging stations are as follows, which are given below.

3 Pin Onboard Rapid: CCS
Max DC rate: 30kW, Connector location: Left Side – Rear Max DC rate: 30kW, Connector location: Left Side – Rear

Fortum India EV Charging Stations

Fortum India is EV charging stations company that has started setting up its charging stations in India. This company provides solar power plants and other power generation services along with the assistance of top-rated charging stations. We provide the best charging station solutions, Like CPOs, EMPs, and OEMs.

Type of Charger The Capacity of Charging Gun Price Per kWh*
CCS/ CHAdeMO Charger 50/60 kW INR 18.94
Type 2 7.4 kW INR 15.94
DC Charger 10kW/15kW INR 13.55

ZEVpoint Charging Station

ZEVpoint is an electric vehicle charging station company. It provides its charging service all over India. This company has different types of chargers. Zevpoint has started installing chargers at restaurants and petrol pumps in all cities of India. ZEVpoint Universal charging provides connectors from which you can charge all electric vehicles. If you want to install the charger of this company at your home or any other place, then this company only takes 30 minutes to install it. Read below for more details about the charger.

connector Connectivity Charge
Type 2 GSM Charge with a tap ( RFID authorization)

EESL Charging Station

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) is a Super Energy Service Company (ESCO); this company saves India 47 billion kWh of energy annually. This company has started setting up its own electric vehicle charging station. It can install all kinds of charging stations. This company can set up every central station and your home. This company was launched in 2009. To know about the features of this company, it is shown below.

Type of Chargers Charger Connectors No. of Connector Guns (CG)
Fast Combined Charging System (CCS) (min. 50 kW) 1 CG
Slow / Moderat 200 – 750 or higher 1 CG

Mahindra Electric Car Charging Stations

Mahindra Electric Car Charging Stations have started being installed in India. Mahindra is known for its good SUV cars all over India. Now this company has begun manufacturing electric vehicles as well as charging stations. In the initial phase, Mahindra has started manufacturing charging stations so that you can quickly assess your car. This company provides 2 types of chargers Normal Charge and Quick2Charge technology. For more information, read the info given below.

No. Of Pin Rated Voltage Interlock Facility
3 230 VAC Yes

BHEL Charging Station

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited of BHEL has started installing the electric vehicle charging station. It is one of the best companies in India. This company provides all types of charging stations. From standard to fast charging, you can install the charger of this company. You can set up a charging station for this company on any free space if you have any free space. To know the features of more chargers, see the information given below

Type of Charger Rated Voltage Power
Home Charging 230V/15A 2.5KW
Public Charging 230V 2.5KW to 22 kW
AC “Fast” Charging 230V 7.7 kW to 22 kW

Fortum Charging Station

Fortum charging station is India’s new technology charging station. With this, you can smartly charge your vehicle like RFID charging. You can set your truck by swapping your card. Fortum provides all types of charging station installation services in India. You can also charge the charger of this company through a mobile phone. Check out the features section to learn about the features of this charging station.

Type of Charger Capacity of Charging Gun Time
Fast Chargers 50kWh DC 45 minutes
Semi-fast 7-22kWh AC 3-4 hours
Slow AC chargers 3kWh 6-8 hours

Rimone Charging Station

Simone Charging Station is the perfect addition to any modern home. Not only is it stylish, but it’s also easy to use. With this charging station, you can power up your EVs without worrying about where to find an outlet. This company is thinking of installing its electric vehicle chargers everywhere in India. This company provides its service at very affordable rates.

Type of Charger Country of Origin Time
Public Charging Made in India 2 Hour
Commercial Charging Made in India 2 Hour
Fleet Charging Made in India 2 Hour

Exicom Charging Station0

If you’re looking for a stylish and convenient way to charge your EVs, you’ll want to check out the Exicom charging station. The charging station is made from high-quality materials that will last a long. This company provides its charging station for all vehicles so that you can quickly charge them. You can charge vehicles like cars and buses from the charging station of this company. For more information, its features are given below.

Type of Charger Rated Voltage Power
Car 230V/15A 60 kW
SUV 230V 120 kW
BUS 230V 240 kw

Magenta Mobility

Magenta Mobility has India’s very best user-friendly EV charging stations. This company provides charging stations for every vehicle, like 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, and 4-wheelers. The company offers charging stations for Malls, highways, and residential complexes. This company also gives you a charging app to charge your vehicle. This company has set up its station in about 25 cities in India. This company has installed charging stations of up to 4 megawatts in India.

Type of Charger Rated Voltage power
ChargeGrid PENTA 230V 7.4 kilowatt Type-2 charger
ChargeGrid POLY 230V 7.4 kilowatt

E-Fill Charging

It is one of the best-charging stations manufacturing companies in India. This company also provides a charging facility through CMS & Mobile App, through which you can charge your vehicle from your mobile. This company has the facility to make all types of charging stations. This company has installed many electric cars charging stations in Punjab and Haryana. Please read the feature section if you need more features related to this company.

Type of Charger Rated Voltage Power
Car 1 Phase, 230V~15% 7 kW / 32 A

Statiq Charging Station

This company provides the service of making chargers for electric vehicles in India. This company offers all types of charger cars and bikes. This company manufactures wall chargers or AC and DC chargers. You can install the charger from this company at any place to charge your vehicle. The static charging station can charge your EV in just less time and less price.

Type of Charger Rated Voltage Power
2 x CCS 230V 15kW

Kazam Charging Station

This company makes charging stations with advanced technology. And this company uses OCPP technology to make its chargers. This company also provides cloud-based services, a good advantage for the user. You can also do load management with this company’s charger, which determines what load your vehicle has to be charged. In this charging station, you get integrated payment options that are easy to pay.

Type of Charger Rated Voltage Power
AC Mini Plus 3 Pin 250V 7.4kW
DC Wallbox 3 Pin 250V 3.3 kW AC

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